Halcyon Consulting offers our clients the opportunity to work with design/build professionals with over 50 combined years experience in the building industry.
Here is a bit about us and our company.

We chose this name for our venture because it spoke to our ability to remain calm in an often otherwise tumultuous environment. A Halcyon is a mythical bird said by ancient Greeks to build her nest floating on the rough sea at the winter solstice. She had the power to calm the ocean waves every December so she was able to raise her young. Like those calm waters, halcyon has come to mean a sense of peace or tranquility.
About Us 2 Halcyon Consulting

About Us 2

Kathryn Kaiser and Warren Bennett have joined forces out of a growing need for a comprehensive consultation service for the home and business owner. Halcyon Consulting is able to streamline the consultation, project evaluation, design elements and coordination to meet your needs. This is especially important early in the planning stages of your project. We approach each project in an insightful, cohesive and calmly focussed manner.
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Warren Bennett

Carpenter / Contractor

Warren Bennett has worked in the building industry for over 30 years. He is a well respected and highly skilled custom builder and renovator in the Central Ontario area, who has worked with many home owners, builders and architects.  His company is Warren Bennett & Sons Contracting, Inc.  Warren is adept at keeping a project on task, and providing his clients with beautiful and practical solutions to issues that arise when building and renovating.  He is committed to customer satisfaction and excellence in his work.

Kathryn Kaiser

Design Consultant

Kathryn Kaiser received her Interior Design degree from Ryerson University in 1986, and has worked in with various accomplished interior design firms in Toronto and area.  She is experienced in residential, commercial, and retail and hospitality design. Kathryn currently owns her own design firm, kmk design.  One of her predominant strengths is her ability to understand the needs of each individual client, so as to best serve their needs.

A Bit More About Us 2

and Our Commitment to You

Our main priority at Halcyon Consulting is to combine the individual requirements of each client with our talents and experience to assist in creating a home, office or commercial space that optimizes your life and/or business.

We understand the importance of the interactions between client, architect, designer, supplier, builder and trades. We believe that continual collaboration between all parties concerned is essential for the ultimate success of each project.

Halcyon Consulting is keen to work with you on environmentally sustainable options for your new build and your renovation. Our future depends on it.